Cryptotab Browser Review

There are many internet browsers out there, some that are more popular than others, some that are more user-friendly, but only one internet browser there of that is popular, offer good UX (user experience) and pays you while you surf the internet doing all that you normally do with other browsers, and that is the cryptotab browser.

In this article, we will attempt to dissect the famous bitcoin mining chrome-like browser to decide whether it is legit or fake.


What is cryptotab browser?

Cryptotab browser is an internet browser with a built-in bitcoin mining algorithm that allows the user [surfer] to mine bitcoin while the browser is open. Base on experience, the browser itself does not necessarily have to be active, it just needs to be open for the algorithm to work (ie: mine bitcoin).

Cryptotab is the best method available to mine bitcoin cost-efficiently and easily as explained in the previous article bitcoin mining.

About Cryptotab browser

Cryptotab is the first internet browser to offer such a feature, making it one of the most compelling browsers out there to use. In fact, cryptotab browsers have over 25 million users across the globe using it as their #1 internet browser.

Among the many reasons for its growing popularity and success is the fact that:

1. Not completely dependent on referrals to earn

Cryptotab browser pays you in bitcoin. If you use the browser long enough [without inviting others] you can withdraw a minimum of 0.00001 bitcoin every few months or so.

2. Low minimum withdrawal

As mentioned above the cryptotab browser minimum withdrawal is 0.00001 satoshi, which is fairly low compared to other bitcoin mining enterprises.

3. Offer familiar UX (user experience)

Crytotab adapts the very same user interface and features as google chrome. In other words, when using cryptotab, there is no new feeling of using a new browser, because all that google chrome is famous for, CT browser offer most if not all the same feature. The statement, “it is a copy of google chrome with a built in bitcoin mining algorithm” is not far from the truth.

4. No withdrawal limits

As with any other crypto mining entity, you can withdraw your earning into any bitcoin wallet of your choice as often as you wish, as long as you meet the minimum balance.

5. You earn in bitcoin

Of course the fact that your earning in bitcoin is also a unique selling point for this browser considering bitcoin has been trending for the most part since its launched and has continued to surprise everyone as it soars to greater heights in price value attracting many investors in the form of individuals to large companies.

cryptotab browser
cryptotab earnings

 Yahoo finance stated that the public trading entity, MicroStrategy is the company that owns the most bitcoin across the globe. Amassing a total of 108,992 bitcoin in its vault; which is a whopping US $7,241,948,371.84 currently at the time of writing since bitcoin is being traded at $66444.77 per coin.

NOTE: There is always a saying that if you want to survive in today’s world, “ALWAYS FOLLOW THE MONEY”. In other words, look at what big players are doing, and so you can try and mimic the same.

Companies that own bitcoin

According to, the following companies are known for having an excessive amount of bitcoin in their portfolio:

CompanyBTCUSD Worth ($66444.77)Country
Galaxy Digital Holdings16,400$1,089,694,228USA
Voyager Digital LTD12,260$814,612,880.2USA
Square, Inc.8,207$545,312,227.39USA
Marathon Digital Holdings, Inc.5,784$384,316,549.68USA
Coinbase Global, Inc.4,482$297,805,459.14USA
Bitcoin Group SE3,947$262,257,507.19Germany
Hut 8 mining Corp3,522$234,018,479.94Canada
Riot Blockchain, Inc2,243$149,035,619.11USA

6. Availability and device compatability

Cryptotab browser is available on iOS, Android, and windows (desktop). This makes it more convenient as these are the three (3) most popular operating systems. But the most convenient of them all is the fact that cryptotab is available to use on even mobile devices. 

Yes! you can mine bitcoin just by surfing the net using your mobile devices, particularly, when using an android. (will explain further on this)

7. Increase Your hash rate (earning) with Pro & Lite versions

Cryptotab has a PRO version and a LITE version for android users to increase their hashrate, so they can earn more Bitcoin. The Lite version has a fixed hash rate of 1000 H/s, which the Pro version’s default hash rate is 1500+ H/s. (ONLY AVAILABLE FOR ANDROID)

8. Cloud.boost feature to multiple earnings

In complimentary to the PRO version, they offer a paid feature called cloud.boost which a user can multiple his hash rate by 2x, 5x, 10x, or 15x. for example:

  • 2x 1500 H/s = 3000 H/s
  • 5x 1500 H/s = 7500 H/s
  • 10x 1500 H/s = 10,000 H/s
  • 15x 1500 H/s = 22,500 H/s

However, while those rates seem promising, there’s a catch, which is the biggest downfall (con) of the browser so far. To keep the hash rate at the boosted level, a miner must activate the cloud.boost every 3 hours. Because of this, purchasing cloud.boost is now recommended for everyone, especially if you’re always busy and are not available to press the “start” button every three hours; and of course, that includes when you are sleeping as well.

9. Different methods to increase earnings

If you’re an iOS user or the cloud.boost feature wouldn’t be profitable for you, then the next best thing to do to increase your earning is to create a bitcoin mining farm and/ or bitcoin mining network. Which are both possibilities when using this browser. 

10. Bitcoin mining farm

A miner can create his own bitcoin mining farm simply by connecting different devices (mobile, tablets, PC) thus increasing his mining hash rate. Since each device is contributing to the mining process, the earnings fr said account would increase.

Video: How to build a mining farm


11. Bitcoin mining network

Cryptotab browser has a powerful referral system that allows its users to increase their earning [hash rate] from the number of clients within their downline 10 levels deep. In other words, the more persons [miners] within your downline, the bigger the hash rate of the network. Not to worry, for your convenience and additional benefits.

Join Rhasfx Bitcoin mining network

Cryptotab browser
Correction: Level 4: 3%*
Why join Rhasfx Bitcoin mining network?

Other than the fact that we are positioning ourselves to become the #1 brand people go to for trading information through SEO efforts, proceeds from the different platforms (youtubefacebookcryptotab, etc) will be invested to provide additional methods people can earn online with reduced risk and cost. ie: making it more affordable and less risky to make money online.

12. Sync your data with a few clicks

Another core feathure is the fact that you can sync your data (history, bookmarks, favorites, email & passwords) from your previous browser to cryptotab.

13. Can use extensions from the chrome store

Lastly, you can enjoy the benefits of your google chrome extensions while using cryptotab. That’s because all the extensions from the chrome store can work just as well while mining your bitcoin.

How does cryptotab browser work?

Cryptotab browser works just like any other browser there of. Simply download the browser via this linkAfter installing the application, create your account(s). After successfully verifying your account [email], go to the cryptotab dashboard to activate the mining and adjust the mining speed of the browser. Once all that is done, just start surfing the net as you would normally do and the algorithm will mine the bitcoins for you.

Will cryptotab browser slow down my pc?

The browser’s algorithm is built in such a unique way that it uses the unused resources on your PC for its operation. This means that the mining process will not interfere with what you are doing nor will it slow down or freeze your PC as you work.

Is cryptotab browser legit?

I can say with assurance that cryptotab browser is legit from personal experience, as well as the fact that there are a number of youtubers posting video showing their earnings as proof and along with methods to increase your earning potential without building a bitcoin mining network. See the video below for example

Is cryptotab browser free?

For the most part, downloading the cryptotab browser is free. However, as regards to the Pro and Lite versions you would need to purchase them from the google play store. (DO NOT BUY IT ON THE APP STORE).  Furthermore, for additional benefits, you can purchase an increased hash rate through the cloud.boost feature.

How to withdraw from Cryptotab browser

Withdrawing from cryptotab is just as easy as mining bitcoin. Withdrawal can be done from any one of your devices. However, you would need to have a cryptocurrency bitcoin e-wallet to receive your bitcoin. I would recommend Coinbase as the best option to choose since they are a large reputable company with the largest market share in their respective industry.

To withdraw from the cryptotab browser, simply go to your CT dashboard and scroll down, to where you’ll see the “WITHDRAW BTC” button. Just enter your e-wallet code to which you would want the coins to be sent. Viola! you will receive your coins in a matter of hours to days depending on the number of withdrawal transactions in the queue. 

Cryptortab browser
Withdrawal button

How does CryptoTab Browser make money?

Albeit that the company does not charge for withdrawal, cryptotab makes money from the conversion rate from monero to Bitcoin. 

In fact, CryptoTab software mines Monero (XMR) and converts Monero to Bitcoin according to the current exchange rate. Separately, they earn from the sale of the PRO and LITE versions which are really worth it if you are able to restart the mining process every 3 hours. Additionally, the sale of the cloud.boost feature is a valuable additional source of revenue for them.

Does CryptoTab run in background?

As mentioned above, the software has to be open in order for the algorithm to work on desktop and iOS devices. On Androids, however, with the PRO version, the mining process remains ongoing until the timer runs out and requires verification to restart again.

Cryptotab browser commission plan

CT commission plan allow a user to benefit exponentially as his network grows. An individual is able to earn from 10 levels from his downline thus increasing his earning tremendously. The CT browser affiliate commission plan per level are as follow:

  • level 1 – 15%
  • level 2 – 10%
  • Level 3 – 5%
  • Level 4 – 3%
  • Level 5 – 2%
  • Level 6 – 1%
  • Level 7 – 0.5%
  • Level 8 – 0.25%
  • Level 9 – 0.125%
  • Level 10 – 0.0625%
Cryptotab browser
Bitcoin mining network

The picture above shows a Youtuber with a massive 53k strong mining network, which enables him to have a 2300 H/s hash rate for free.

Cryotabtab VPN

Other than mining bitcoin cryptotab also offer additional services, one such service is the CT VPN (virtual private network) which allows users to use the internet to access websites that are usually unavailable to them.

There are plenty of VPN available on the app store and play store, however CT VPN is is the only one with a traffic and battery optimizer built in. This feature allows a user to block distracting ads while minimizing the bandwidth consumption thus preserving your data and battery life without slowing down your internet connection.

PLEASE NOTE: A VPN is an application that is use to hide one IP address and location making it seems as if the user is in another country.

A VPN is quite useful when trying to access certain apps like Pandora, which is a musical app that can only be accessed if you are in the US.

Cryptotab VPN

From that example you can decipher that some developers block some countries from downloading their apps or accessing their services, a VPN is one of the best options to circumvent such restriction and CT VPN is one of the best VPN apps available.

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